• amigurumi pattern complete furever cute collection 672
  • Amigurumi white bunny rabbit
  • amigurumi pattern chicken 872
  • amigurumi pattern elephant 972
  • amigurumi pattern frog 1372
  • amigurumi pattern monkey 672
  • amigurumi pattern cat 972
  • amigurumi pattern dog 372
  • amigurumi pattern bee 872
  • amigurumi pattern unicorn 572
  • Amigurumi pink axolotl

The Complete FurEver Cute Collection 10 patterns


Super Kawaii Amigurumi Pattern. Yay! Now it’s a party


The whole gang!! Get the patterns to the whole FurEver Cute Collection and let the fun begin!!




– Written in US crochet terminology for right handed crocheters
– 10 PDF document with over 7+ pages each with instructions and pictures to help you understand it better

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