• Amigurumi pink axolotl held by a hand with white long fingernails
  • Amigurumi pink axolotl
  • Close up to half the face of an amigurumi pink axolotl
  • Amigurumi pink axolotl
  • Amigurumi axolotl on a textured pink and light yellow surface
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Jorja the Axolotl – Mexican Water Salamander Pattern


Super Kawaii Amigurumi Pattern.  Axolotls are cute. Amigurumi Axolotls are the cutest.

BONUS!! Jorja dresses up as her favorite Halloween characters.  Jason, Pennywise, Billy the Puppet, and more!


Are you an axolotl fan?

Make this cute salamander axolotl

How adorable is this baby?  This pattern will help you have a cute axolotl in just a couple of hours, so get your hook and get ready to crochet cute dolls!

This magical creature, the underwater salamander axolotl, is found exclusively in the lake complex of Xochimilco near Mexico City. It is its incredible ability to regenerate almost every part of its body besides the fact that it lives permanently in water, which distinguishes it from other salamanders.

Legend says that the Aztecs had a god called Xolotl, a dog-like deity and it was often depicted as the villain, for he was the god of lightning and death. Xolotl believed that the other gods would attempt to murder him, so he turned into an axolotl and escape into Lake Xochimilco to trick them. This is how the underwater salamander axolotl got part of its name.

About Jorja

Jorja the axolotl is an amigurumi version of this magic animal, and she gets her name after an amazing 4-year-old who one day decided to change her real name to Lupita Jorja 😁

Fun (and a bit corny) fact: All of my Fur-Ever Cute Collection Amigurumi designs are named after one of the silly names my kids adopted/liked/named their own dolls when they were growing up ❤️

About this pattern

  • Written in US crochet terminology for right-handed crocheters
  • You will get a PDF document with 7 pages with instructions and pictures
  • This amigurumi pattern is worked in continuous rounds
  • Some of the stitches used: single crochet, increase, decrease, slip stitch, chain, magic ring
  • Approximate size (with worsted weight yarn) 5″ amigurumi axolotl.

However, remember you can vary the size by using a different yarn. Try velvet yarn -it’s one of my favorites!-  but remember to also change the hook size. A good tip is to use a number below what the yarn calls for.

You will be able to download the pattern immediately after payment is cleared, and you can also access it in your account.

All of my amigurumi patterns come with a commercial license, so you can sell the dolls made from my patterns. Kindly credit me as the designer, linking back to this page.

I’m always happy to hear from you! Contact me here

On digital downloads all sales are final. The purchase of this pattern is personal and it cannot be copied, posted, published or distributed under penalty of law.

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  1. Do another sc before the first 5ch (sl st, sc, sc, then 5ch), continue as written
  2. Last stitch do sc and sl st in the same.


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