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Hi Cyclops!

gaby la ciclope humana con Amy la ciclope tejida

I’m Gaby, and this right here with me, is The One and Only Cute Cyclops. I call her Ami and she was born from my and my kids’ imagination. 

I want to share with you one of my biggest passions: amigurumi. My love for crochet (and knitting) began when I was just a kid and I would see my relatives crocheting. To me it was magic how their hands moved, and how they were shaping a blanket, a sweater, whatever. Many years later, when my youngest was born, I discovered on an online forum (yes, this was pre-Facebook era) someone mentioned “crocheted plushies” so I went to find out what this meant and I was instantly in love. From that moment, I didn’t stop until I found out how to make them.

Now, I’m Mexican living in Mexico, and back then there weren’t many amigurumi resources in Spanish, so I got myself a few pattern books, the first yarn and hooks I could find, and searching in Youtube whenever I didn’t understand a stitch, I got to work.


This is one of my first amigurumi. See? If I could do it, anyone can!

For over 15 years I’ve been making all kinds of characters, real, fantasy, human or animal. I’ve enrolled in different courses and bought patterns and books, and I’ve spent many, many hours reading crochet and amigurumi blogs, and now it’s time for me to pass on that knowledge to you. 

In this blog, you will find basic crochet and amigurumi lessons, to learn from scratch, and we will make together the most popular characters, I’ll tell you about new techniques I come across, and maaaaaaybe, just maybe, one day I’ll get it together to teach you how to design your own patterns. No promises on this last one, ok?

I will do my best to get you my content in three formats: Written, here in the blog, on video on my Youtube channel, and on pdf if you’re on my VIP Cyclops List

Thank you for tagging along, we’ll have so much fun! Here are my socials in case you want to join me there as well:

Happy Amigurumiing!


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